Past Life Regression In A Clinical Practice




1 hr. 43 min.



Discover The Transformational Therapeutic Techniques Of Past Life Regression (P.L.R.)

  • See how to conduct a past life regression session!

  • Gain the knowledge necessary to utilize past life regression techniques in your practice!

  • Learn how to create rapid, positive change using past life regression hypnotherapy!

Everyday more and more professionals are opening their minds and discovering the transformational power of past life regression therapy. These techniques are gaining widespread acceptance with therapists around the world.

In this enlightening workshop, Jerry demonstrates a past life regression and presents many techniques that can be applied to create rapid change for the client.

Remember it's our job to deal with a client issues where
 they perceive them to be, not where we think they should be!

Allow an open mind to the P.L.R. concept. 
You could find you are able to affect change when others cannot!

Past Life Regression In A Clinical Practice
DL 190 - $40.00


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