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"Steve Parkhill will go down in history as one of the great hypnotic healers.  While working at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center®, he learned the techniques that were going to serve him well as he developed his own style of healing interventions.  Steve specializes in working with  clients suffering from any number of incurable illnesses.  His success rate is extremely high.  He is frequently requested by physicians in the United States and Canada to work with their terminally ill patients, when all other medical interventions have been exhausted.  He's been a guest on many television shows and continues to be in high demand by the media.  If real healing is your professional goal, studying the works of Stephen Parkhill should be considered mandatory in your hypnotism education."
Gerald Kein, Founder, Omni Hypnosis Training Center®




DLSP100-Healing The Body Using The Mind
Stephen Parkhill

Includes 9 Video Download Files - Over 14 hours in length!

For many years Steve Parkhill worked as the director of individual sessions at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center® under the tutelage of Gerald Kein. 

During this time, through the use of experimental hypnosis techniques, Steve developed several new hypnotic interventions to turn the healing process back to the client with amazing results. For a very high percentage of his clients diagnosed with "incurable illness," the illnesses were reversed.

In this incomparable program you will learn...

How to give the power of healing back to the client.
How to reverse disease breeding thoughts from the mind.
How to use ETI (Emotionally Triggered Inductions).
Rapid Regression Techniques.
How to reach the subconscious cause of disease implantation.
How to declare war on the enemy...Disease...Leaving it NO Quarter.
How to become a true healer.

Steve has demonstrated these powerful techniques when working with physicians and healing their patients. This training is not how to teach you to be a better hypnotherapist. . . It is to teach you how to become a real HEALER! 

This program allows you to spend an entire weekend and more with Steve, learning through lecture, live demonstrations and actual case histories on video how to become a true healer by reversing the disease breeding thoughts and energies in the client's mind. 

Steve is a master of using ETI (emotionally triggered inductions) and the rapid regression techniques to get to the cause of disease implantation. This class is exciting, powerful and enlightening. 

These techniques are not difficult to learn and provide you with tremendous gratification. You will gain the skills you need to become extremely successful in this rarely understood area of hypnotism. 

Includes 9 Downloads - Over 14 hours in length!

Price: $525.00


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