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Become knowledgeable in an exciting deep level of trance discovered by the legendary Dave Elman!

Dave Elman believed the level of trance he named Hypno-Sleep to be the deepest level possible.  It is very different than somnambulism or the hypnotic coma.

During a Hypno-Sleep session, the hypnotist teaches the client to enter a very deep state of natural sleep through hypnotic suggestion. After the client is asleep, the hypnotist adds deep hypnosis to the sleep state.

The conscious mind is not a participant in the Hypno-Sleep procedure. It remains deeply asleep and the hypnotist has  unrestricted access to the individuals subconscious mind.

Suggestions given to the client in this state are not analyzed by the conscious mind, consequently, there is no critical factor resistance to the acceptance of suggestions.  The suggestions become effective instantly.

This state is extremely effective when
 working with the analytical client. 

Suggestions are accepted with awesome
 power utilizing this technique!

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